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Book Librarian Plus 5.62

A comprehensive and professional media cataloging tool with Z39.50 support
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Book Librarian Plus is a professional cataloging tool that allows both libraries and individuals to keep their book collections perfectly organized. Using the Z39.50 standard protocol, it connects to more than 50 reputed libraries so that you can download professionally cataloged records to add to your collection. Besides, it contains all the elements needed to keep track of your lending activities.

This cataloging tool is simple and flexible enough to be useful to all types of institutions and individual users. The interface can be reasonably customized, so that it may look as complicated or as simple as you need. Professional users will be happy to make use of its Z39.50 support, which will let you connect to a number of US universities and libraries – including the Library of Congress – to take advantage of their records. The search and retrieval interface is easy to use, and the information provided will be shown following the strictest MARC cataloging tags. For those who are not librarians by profession and know nothing about MARC records and tags, the program will also let you browse other more friendly catalogs – namely, those of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Downloading is not allowed here, but you can always cut and paste sensitive data (such as the ISBN number, the author or the complete title of the book) to help you retrieve the remaining information from more professional sources.

I will not go through all the available fields or the complex functionality included in Book Librarian Plus – suffice to say that it will easily cover the expectations of both the professional librarian, the book collector, and the owner of just a small amount of books. Lending and borrowing information is also covered, and books are not the only objects that can be managed and cataloged using this application – in fact, any type of media is allowed.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Comprehensive cataloging tool
  • Suitable for institutions (large and small) and for home use
  • Attractive interface with intuitive layout


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